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YourPDi is the GO-TO APP that makes it easy to get in control of your important documents and valuable information.


Now for free.

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One place for everything & everything in place

In YourPDi an app where you easily collect and organize the important stuff that concern yourself, your family, things, your home and projects. Hundreds of pre-defined categories. Easy to find when needed the most.


Share what's important with your family

Make it easy to share passwords and other important information regarding school, home etc. You can also turn on notifications when a subscription or vaccination need to be renewed.  

Calm - it's safe

Everyting you save is safely stored in the cloud. We apply the highest standards of security. Everying encrypted so only you can view your content (if you don't decide to share some of it with your family). 



Get started, it's free

Download the app today for free, and start to save  time and money - not at least your peace of mind. No more frantic searches - YourPDi is the place for all your most important documents and information.


This is what you can save in YourPDi

Log-in details & codes

Get in control of a project

Medical records

Valuable belongings

Digital home binder

Agreements, certificates &


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